Who are we?

We are a travel agency specialized in local tours providing tour packages, making travel worry-free and doing tourism in the department of Santander in Colombia. We offer innovative routes, excellent logistics and authentic experiences.
  • We are legally built as a travel agency since 2004, with National Tourism Registry number 10058.
  • 14 years of experience in the market, showing the best of Santander and Colombian destinations.
  • Since 2011, we are an ANATO member, a labor union confirmed by Agencias Asociadas in all the national territory with 9 character representation, ??? consolidando el sector y la agremiación como la entidad de más amplio reconocimiento nacional por el desarrollo de su gestión.
Mission: To provide our clients tour services in Santander – Colombia,aimed to enrich the knowledge, culture and the history of the region, taking advantage of what the department can offer for its tourism. Through the operation of organized tours with quality and security and supporting the preservation of the environment. Vision: Become established by 2020 as the best tourism company for local tours and professional operators of conferences and conventions in the department of Santander – Colombia, with national and international recognition. Supporting our operations with an excellent workforce, a high respect for responsibility and engaged in the development of sustainable tourism. Corporate Principles
  1. Professionalism: We are a qualified workforce with an experience in tourism, events, conferences and conventions organization and operations.
  2. Reliability: With more than 10 years of tourism experience characterized by our dedication to operate tourism plans to our clients.
  3. Creativity: We promise to deliver innovative touristic products that allows us to work with the national and international market, which contributes to the economy of the Santander region.
  4. Leadership: We are dedicated in the search of solutions and overcoming obstacles to obtain fast and effective responses that brings an improvement to our operations.
  5. Loyalty: As a travel agency in the department of Santander, we are dedicated with our other national and international agency clients in guaranteeing them to get benefits with excellent quality.
  6. Sustainability: We are dedicated to coordinating the beliefs and the conservation of social, economic and environmental dimensions on each of our operations.
Sustainability Policy In Santander al Extremo, we are dedicated with the knowledge, culture, and the history of Santander region, Colombia through the compliance of the necessity and expectations of our clients, the sustainable environmental, economical and sociocultural belief, the development of the human talent, ???el compromiso con la mejora continua, the safety of all operations, without providers and the compliance of their legal requisites. Clarifications and Conditions of the Provision of Services
  • Validity of all the tours: February 28, 2018.
  • Peak seasons: long weekends, Holy Week, June 15 to July 20 in Superior Tourist hotels, school breaks, December 20 to January 20. The peak season can vary in each hotel, subject to the confirmation of the reservation.
  • The hotel categorization was done by Santander al Extremo for indicative purposes, it shouldn’t be taken as official. The list of hotels presented is a just a guideline.
  • The category “small but lovely” are homestays, in good location, familial environment, rooms with television and private bathroom, including breakfast and in some cases, WiFi.
  • Tourist Category (***) hotels with television, private bathroom, breakfast, private parking and in some cases, WiFi ??? y salón de conferencias.
  • ??? Categoría Turista Superior: (***+) Servicios adicionales, en algunos casos zona húmeda, piscina, canchas deportivas y salón de juegos.
  • “First Class” Category (****) Hotels with a humid zone, 1 pool, in good location, specialized restaurants and additional activities. It’s such a good option to rest and enjoy.
  • Superior (****+) and luxurious hotels (*****) Hotels of the highest category in Bucaramanga, Girón y Floridablanca for customers who wish the best.
  • Double, triple or quadruple accommodation: Number of people that stay in one room.
  • The published prices are per person, we manage COP pesos. To get the total cost of the trip, you must multiply the value of any trip (depending accommodation) by the number of people.
  • In some hotels with categories first and second there is not a quadruple accommodation, just the double because in these cases the price of the quadruple accommodation can be higher than the triple one. To get 2 double rooms you need to request a quotation. All of our programs include native, professional tourist guides who have great knowledge about the history and culture of this region.
  • Adventure activities also include ceritified tourist guides.
  • Santander al Extremo S.A.S guarantees the right of all the services offered except by the force majeure or fortuitous cases that prevent the provision of these services. In those situations, we will replace your services for other similar or better quality ones.
  • All the fees are exposed to be changed without any notification.
  • The total price of this program must be paid 48 hours minimum before the date of the trip. Afterwards, the voucher is going to be submitted.
  • PETS. We do not accept pets in any hotel. In case the customer is with a pet, we will not guarantee in providing the service and Santander al Extremo reserves the right to charge you for as a “no show” depending the costs of hotels, tourist guide, transportation and administrative.
  • During holiday weeks and peak seasons,hotels generally do not allow you to book for one night. It is advisable to always look for programs to stay minimum 2 nights in each destination.
  • Check in/Check out: Entry time to hotels on the first day is at 3:00 p.m. If there is room availability, then you can enter the room before the indicated time. Departure time: According to the policies of the hotel it is confirmed.
  • The number of services used are not reimbursed.
  • If you are flying, it is advisable to take the flight that arrives to Bucaramanga at 9:00 a.m. and the return flight to be on the last day of the trip after 8:00 p.m. so you can take advantage of the tour.
  • The room(s) reservation will be subject to the availability in the moment you are booking. This depends on accessibility when you book. The quotation does not imply the confirmation of your reservation.
  • The confirmation of your reservation guarantees only a budget of 50 percent from the total value on the invoice. This one must be executed in the indicated date by the Agency and the balance in a minimum of 8 days before the customer or group get into the hotel.
  • Activities or services that you do not take for being absent or not being punctual of the date, place and time indicated will not be reimbursed nor deferred.
  • Customers will assume the responsibility for the activities they do out of the tour scheduled. The agency will not take the responsibility for any situation when the customer is doing activities that can threaten his or her health while he or she is in a free time from the tour.
  • Parents will be responsible of their children. The agency through a tourist guide will be in charge of taking you to safe places, suitable for touristic activities. The tour guide will coordinate and oversee the implementation of the program from the agency and the integrity of the customers. In case of people under 18 years old, then the responsibility is taken by parents or an adult accompanying being aware they are the only ones who authorized the activities under their responsibility.
  • It is totally forbidden : to consume alcohol, cigarettes or any hallucinogenic substance before and after the development of the activities. Likewise, it will not be allowed for pregnant women, drunken people or people under the effects of drugs to do any of the activity. In case any of these situations are happening, the coordinator will automatically decide to cancel the activity and the money will not be reimbursed and the activity will not be deferred or substituted.
In case the passenger cancels the tour package or reservation and had paid for everything then the customer will be charged a penalty according to the Colombian law Article 65 from law 300 in 1996 saying: * 10% of the total value of the reservation corresponding to administrative expenses if the cancellation is made 8 days before the passenger or the group gets in the hotel. * 70% of the total value of the reservation if the cancellation is made 3 days before the passenger or group get in the hotel. * 100% of the total value of the reservation if the cancellation is made the same day before the passenger or group get in the hotel. * In case there is a return for the passenger or group, Santander al Extremo will give reimbursemen in the next 30 working days after cancelling. According to the Colombian law Article 4th of Decree 2438 in 2010. RESPONSIBILITY CLAUSES
  • SANTANDER AL EXTREMO S.A.S, with the National Registration of Tourism 100058 and/or operators are responsible of the travelers’ service qualities described in this program.
  • SANTANDER AL EXTREMO S.A.S and its operators receive totally the Clause of responsibility referred in Article 3rd of the decree 053 from January 18th of 2002 and its further reforms.
  • SANTANDER AL EXTREMO S.A.S is committed with the code of conduct that orders to protect the underage in all forms of exploitation , pornography and sexual violence according to article 16 of the law 679 in 2001.
  • SANTANDER AL EXTREMO S.A.S does not assume the responsibility with passenger or traveler about the airline services unless it is about chartered flights and according to the specify contract of the transportation. The rental service is followed by the legal laws applicable to the airline transport service. Nevertheless, when there is reason of the rate or for other existing motives to do modifications to the airline reservations like limitations, endorsements or repayments then those must be informed to the user. Decree 2438 in 2010.
  • SANTANDER AL EXTREMO SAS, does not assume the responsibility of passengers under accidental events like strikes, earthquakes, climatic or natural disasters, security conditions, traveler’s legal issues, sanitation and any other situation of force majeure or fortuitous event that can happen while or before the trip.
  • ???SANTANDER AL EXTREMO S.A.S SE EXIME de cualquier responsabilidad económica ó indemnización que pueda generarse de accidentes y otro similar ocasionados en el desarrollo del programa ó dentro de instalaciones de visitas turísticas incluidas en el mismo, SIEMPRE Y CUANDO estos accidentes sean causados por descuido propio, por no acogerse a las recomendaciones del guía tanto verbales como escritas entregadas previo inicio del programa turístico ó por la realización de actividades adicionales NO INCLUIDAS dentro del programa inicialmente ofrecido y comprado a la Agencia Operadora.
  • ???SANTANDER AL EXTREMO NO se hace responsable por la pérdida o daño de objetos de valor y/o equipos digitales de cualquier clase como celulares, GPS, cámaras fotográficas, videocámaras, etc. Estas serán única y exclusivamente responsabilidad de quien las lleve y porte para lo cual sugerimos llevar bolsas DRY BAG ó bolsas secas para protección de agua, golpes, etc.
  • SANTANDER AL EXTREMO does not compete with any price. We compete for an excellent quality and high level of professionalism and service. The security for our customers is priceless and we do not spare any resource.
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